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North Carolina’s economy isn’t growing like it should. We’re ranked in the top 10 for all the wrong categories: top 10 worst business tax climate, top 10 highest unemployment, and top 10 highest gas tax. That’s why it’s critical we send Randy Ramsey to the State Senate to change the way they do business in Raleigh. Randy will shrink state government and make it more accountable, so we can get back to the basics of doing what’s right for everyday folks who are struggling to make ends meet.

A hard-working entrepreneur and consensus-building community leader, Randy Ramsey has the experience we need to make tough decisions that will get our economy growing again. Randy created Jarrett Bay Boatworks from scratch and has devoted his life to the boat-building small business for over 25 years. It’s never been easy to run a small business, but through his experience meeting a payroll, he’s learned lower taxes and less government red tape empowers North Carolina’s job creators to do what they do best. That’s the only way we’ll get our economy growing again!

A Down East native, Randy’s entire life revolves around doing what’s best for the citizens of the Coast. We can count on him to fight for our way of life, not what’s best for partisan politics. Since graduating from West Carteret High School and Carteret Community College, Randy has served our community through the Neuse River Economic Development Council, the Carteret County Economic Development Council, and the Carteret General Hospital Foundation. He’s also served as President of the Board for the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament and served on the Executive Board of Directors of the Crystal Coast Hospice House.

As a conservative and a Republican, Randy Ramsey believes politics too often gets in the way of common sense solutions because people don’t listen to each other, acknowledge their common ground, and then focus relentlessly on achieving results. That’s what has to change in Raleigh, because the hard-working people of North Carolina are not holding back our state – politics is. Politics as usual shackles us from leading the nation in job creation and student performance.

Randy’s mission is simple: immediate action and results. Having served as Chairman of the North Carolina Manufacturers Association (which represents more than 200,000 manufacturing jobs in our state) and on the Board of Trustees for NC State University, Randy knows that a strong economy and a sound education system go hand in hand. He’ll fight to reform our schools to give principals, teachers, and administrators the flexibility to do what works best for our children – not what’s easiest for a one-size-fits-all bureaucracy in Raleigh. Whether or not our children go to college, they should all be prepared to compete in the global economy.

Our state is at a crossroads. For the first time, our children are facing a future that has mortgaged the American Dream for unaccountable, runaway spending. Raising taxes won’t solve our state’s problems, nor will more political posturing and gamesmanship. Randy Ramsey is not a politician; he’s a businessman who’s tired of being disappointed by politicians. He believes now is the time to change the direction of our state and set it on the path of success.

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