Critical Time At The Voting Polls

Apr 29, 2012
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As the race for the NC Senate primary race in our district goes into the last week it is clear that we are in a tight race with our opponents. I can’t stress how important votes will be and how much it will help if you will encourage your family members and friends to  go to the polls and vote for me during the early voting period or on May 8th. Our team believes the race may only be decided by a few votes and I need your help if we are going to win. Here are ways I need your help:
  • Pass the word that our district needs strong leadership and their vote does count! Call your friends and family. Email them and encourage them to go out and vote. Often people overlook a primary election but this one is critical for our area. Can you encourage 20 people to get out and vote? My guess is you can encourage more!!
  • Republicans and independents can vote in the primary election. (Independents just need to ask for a republican ballot)
  • If a person over 18 has never registered it is NOT too late. They can go to the polls and do one stop registration and voting.
  • If a person is away it isn’t too late for an absentee ballot. Contact the Board of Elections ASAP.

In the event you would like to vote early, here are the locations in our district

Craven County:
  • Craven County Administrative Building // 406 Craven St, New Bern 8am-5pm
  • Cove City Fire Department // Main St, Cove City 11am-6pm
  • Vanceboro Fire Department // HWY 43, Vanceboro 11am-6pm
  • St. Christopher's Episcopal Parish Hall // Main St, Havelock 11am-6pm

Carteret County:
  • Board of Elections // Live Oak St, Beaufort
  • Western Park Community Center // HWY 58, Cedar Point
  • Fort Benjamin Park Recreation Center // McQueen Avenue, Newport
  • Davis Volunteer Fire Department // HWY 70, Davis

Pamlico County:
  • County Courthouse // Bayboro

I am counting on you for your help…. I can assure you if each of you will help me by getting people to the polls we will win on May 8th!!

Thank you for your help and all of your support.

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