The Truth About Sanderson and ObamaCare

Apr 23, 2012
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I have said from the very beginning of this campaign, I am a new to politics. I haven’t built a career as a politician who kowtows to special interests. Instead, I’ve spent my life starting and growing a small business here on the Coast.

I have to admit, after 25 long and hard years in the business world, I thought I had seen just about everything. Yet, after four weeks of lies and malicious negative attacks on my character, I have learned the hard way that the first causality of politics is the truth.

So let’s put the falsehoods to rest and get down to the facts. Norm Sanderson has spent thousands of dollars trying to tear down my record as a small business owner, but he hasn’t spent a single dime explaining to voters why he voted to implement ObamaCare in North Carolina.

May you’re shocked that Norm Sanderson voted for House Bill 115, which created a new taxpayer funded bureaucracy to enforce the individual mandate in our state. I can see why many voters would be shocked to learn about Sanderson’s vote. I know I was shocked, and disappointed, to see the bill pass the House, and I am thankful the Senate GOP leadership did not pass this terrible bill.

While he voted for the bill, leading conservatives across the state and all over the country were urging lawmakers to reject this legislation. In our state, the conservative non-profit Civitas Institute* said once ObamaCare is found unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, this bill “would have wasted state tax dollars that could have been better used elsewhere or not used at all given the state of our current budget crisis.” The Republican leadership in the State Senate even refused to consider this bill and rejected it outright. And conservative Republican Governor of Virginia, Bob McDonnell said about this idea, “Any major expense prior to the court decision is irresponsible and a waste of money.” But all that didn’t seem to matter to Norm Sanderson – he still voted to implement ObamaCare in our state.

As a small business owner, I worry what effect ObamaCare’s higher costs and burdensome regulations will have on my business’ ability to keep our doors open and keep workers employed. As a family man, I worry what effect ObamaCare’s higher taxes and government mandates will have on our family budget and our right to see a doctor of our choosing. And, as a conservative, I worry what effect ObamaCare will have once we have federal bureaucrats running our health care system. It’s simply inappropriate to start implement Obama’s nationalization of health care, and the government takeover of one-sixth of the US economy, until the Supreme Court rules.

I don’t know what Norm Sanderson was thinking when he sided with President Obama’s supporters and the special interests to create a new taxpayer-funded bureaucracy to enforce the individual mandate in North Carolina and to allow our personal health records to be sent to the IRS. I don’t know who Norm Sanderson was helping when he voted to implement ObamaCare in NC, but he clearly wasn’t looking out for us. That’s why as conservatives who understand that ObamaCare is bad medicine for North Carolina, we should all be worried about electing Norm Sanderson to the Senate.

*If you'd like to read more about what the conservative Civitas Institute says about this bill, below are a few of their articles opposing this implementation of ObamaCare in NC.
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